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We work in partnership with artists and arts organisations, scientists and health professionals, environmental organisations and stakeholders to create high quality art that engages the public in the natural environment. We believe that art has a stake in the stewardship of nature as do scientists, politicians and commercial organisations, and that we can more directly

Artists in Debt – What To Do

How to write off debt legally?

Do not let bailiffs or debt collectors intimidate you and trick you into unlawful contracts. By Law you should be paying only what you can genuinely afford without putting at risk your household stability.
Therefore, if your creditors are harassing you, they are effectively committing a criminal offence under the harassment act 1997.

The law is on your side but like many citizens you might not be fully aware of all your consumer rights. Personal debt relief is the partial or total forgiveness of debt. Every month, thousands of people are using Government Backed Schemes to get out of debt and regain control over their financial lives. You may qualify for personal debt relief if you are:

  • Unable to repay your debts
  • Struggling to cover essential living costs
  • Running up late payments and interest charges
  • Receiving threatening phone calls or letters from creditors
  • Single parent on low income

The reality is that if you could pay your bills, you would.

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It doesn’t matter if your inability to make payments is due to a job loss, divorce, medical issue or even a natural disaster destroying your business. If you are currently experiencing similar financial difficulties, you will be glad to know that you can get debt help from dedicated debt management experts online or in a local office near you. Government Backed Schemes have been put in place to support citizens who have a real desire for a brand new start.

If you are visiting this site for the first time then you must acknowledge the seriousness of your financial situation and take action.

Check your status now and see if you qualify for personal debt relief.

  • Stop all calls from debt collectors
  • Stop all interest and charges
  • Pay only what you can afford
  • Protect you from further action by your creditors
  • Protect your assets and avoid bankruptcy
  • Use the law and be totally debt free

Personal debt relief Vs Debt Relief Order

You can erase your money problems with very popular personal debt relief options such as bespoke debt management plans, trust deeds and IVA’s.

Debt relief order is a simplified form of bankruptcy that should be considered only as a last resort. Get your free review now and see how government backed debt relief options can assist you.