“Place & Site” 2015 with University of Kent

“We’ve developed a longstanding relationship with the University of Kent Fine Art BA Course, helping to deliver the ‘Place & Site’ module. Every year we’re impressed and inspired by the variety of work that students create. We relish the opportunity to share our expertise in site-specific work with the next generation of artists, for many of whom this is the first experience of creating a direct response to a natural environment.”

The students then go on to devise and propose site specific pieces over the course of the term, which will finally be presented to the curators. Access is also provided to Stour Valley Arts’ expansive library of documents and research relating to art and the landscape.

Last year, the quality of response was so high that we were able to award Forest Studio Residencies to two of the students, thus building on their experience to develop their professional practice even further.

We look forward to seeing the results of this years’ module!

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