Forest Studio Residencies

The next batch of Forest Studio Residents has been decided, and we have a number of exciting artists ready to make use of the pressure-free environment our studio offers.

First on the list is our Curatorial Learning Assistant, Amanda Thesiger who has already undertaken her residency as part of Stour Valley Arts ongoing commitment to staff development and enrichment.

Amanda has built up her expertise in environmental arts education over a considerable length of time working at Stour Valley Arts. As part of that work, its vital that Amanda’s practice remains engaging and satisfying for her, and that she can explore new ways to respond to and utilise the forest.

It’s key to the ethos of Stour Valley Arts that teachers are learners, that discoveries and developments in the forest can be made by any of its users, and that barriers between users are porous and flexible to allow for the best interactions with the forest.

In her paintings & drawings, Amanda works intuitively and playfully through different processes and responses and a minds-eye image takes shape and the subject of each work comes into focus.

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